How to Clean & Oil a Fishing Reel – Deep Cleaning Step-by-Step Guide 2020

How to Clean and Oil a Fishing Reel

If you are somebody who loves fishing, you would know how important it is to keep your equipment clean and healthy. There is no bad time for fishing, it just requires that passion in you catch the fish. But how take care of those equipment is a completely different thing.Especially how to clean and oil a fishing reel is something you cannot have ignore,because the reel is one of the most crucial part of a fishing tackle kit.

Which obviously they shouldn’t. Fishing reels are the major determiner of how effective you are while fishing. That’s why you just cannot ignore the proper care and wellness of your fishing reel.But the question that arises generally for a angler is how to clean and oil a fishing reel the right way ,you know there is a heap of content available on the internet,that anyone can get confuse on which one to follow. 

In today’s piece, I am giving out how to clean and oil a fishing reel so that it never disappoints you and gives you the maximum level of performance every time you go out for fishing.I can assure you right off this is the easiest guide you will find online ,which reveals all its secrets for a tidy and efficient fishing reel.

But before jumping into that, let’s just quickly go through all the parts of a fishing reel, that make it opt for you while fishing. All these parts contribute to the proper and smooth functioning of the reel.

How to clean and oil a fishing reel


First and the foremost part that makes up a fishing reel is the body. The body cover-ups all the minor parts of a fishing reel, which not only gives it a layer of protection but also keep all the segments of the fishing reel intact. The body of a fishing reel can be made up of aluminum, magnesium, carbon, stainless steel, or even plastic.

For kids fishing reel made up of plastic is a popular choice though they are not durable. Aluminum is lightweight and more durable than plastic. Stainless steel is not light in comparison to aluminum but is super durable and strong and way cheaper too. And lastly, fishing reel made of carbon is extremely tough and lightweight simultaneously but it is the most expensive fishing reel you will find in the market. 


Next comes the handle of the fishing reel. This handle is rotated when you need to retrieve your fishing line when you got your fish. Without it, you just cannot imagine catching any fish whatsoever. The building of this handle should be appropriate and coordinate while fishing. 

Arm and the Foot

The material that connects the reel with the fishing rod is the foot. It acts as the supporting unit for the angler and holds up the fishing reel in attachment with the fishing rod. The arm and the foot basically give a base to the reel to operate, otherwise, the reel will not get stable on the rod and intervene with the functioning of the fishing reel.

The Spool

The thing on which your fishing line raps upon is the spool of the reel. They are usually made up of anodized aluminum or graphite gives that solid hold to the fishing line. The spool comes with a varied range of capacity to hold the fishing reel. Larger reels come with a large spool, which in turn elongates the range up to which an angler can reach to catch fishes.

Drag Adjustment Knob

A drag adjustment knob is situated on the front of the spool itself. It is turned to increase or decrease the drag or friction applied. This turning of the knob tightens or loosens up the rotation of the reel giving the angle more control over how fast the fish drags up the fishing line with itself when caught.

Step-by-Step Guide for Deep Cleaning Your Fishing Reel

How to clean and oil a Fishing Reel

So beforehand cleaning and oiling your fishing reel, you must understand that this process needs to be implemented after every fishing trip you have, that’s how you can keep the fishing reel clean and maintained. This how-to clean and oil a fishing reel guide is constructed for regular cleaning sessions, they are less time consuming and require fewer resources but not compromising on the effect they have on your fishing reel.

Step (1)-Organizing tools and equipment You Need: Arranging the tools and other crucial resources that you will need in the course of cleaning the fishing reel is not something you can afford to miss out on. Properly laying them off on a table is the first thing you must thrive to achieve. You must ensure that there is a separate place for smaller parts like screws and nuts and larger parts of the fishing reel. Keeping a check on the right screwdriver that fits your fishing reel is an important step here.

Step (2)-Disassembling each Part –Dismantling each part of the fishing reel one by one and keeping them separately is the way to go in this step. You will definitely not want to miss out on any part while taking them out. You need to make sure you do this disassembling properly, because it is common error people make to rush over in taking the parts out and not working out well in positioning them in the way they are supposed to.

Step(3)-Cleaning Each Party Thoroughly –Once all the parts of the fishing reel retreat, you next step is to clean all of them in detail. Having a toothbrush and a cloth with you is crucial here. Keeping a balance between cleaning them too intensively and giving too much soft hand in cleaning is mandatory to ensure while cleaning the parts. Smaller parts of the fishing reel ask for special attention because they can easily trap dirt in them which might not even be visible from the outside.This has to be the most important step in how to clean and oil a fishing reel guide,so you cannot take this lightly.

Step(4)-Oiling the Parts-Your next move after you have scrape out all the dust and unwanted particles from the parts of the fishing reel, is to oil the parts precisely. Lubricating the parts with grease and oil is a must for every machinery you have. Using another toothbrush you must grease the lower gearing of the reel as putting grease on the upper gearing might make grease reach places that do not need grease. Oiling the Ball-bearing is not to miss the point in this. As bearing are the ones that make your fishing reel smooth and quick in action they need that extra time of yours on oiling.

Step(5)-Giving time to Soak Up Oil or Lubricant-A common mistake fishing enthusiast tend to make is not giving proper exposure to the oiled parts and raping up things too quickly. That is certainly not the right procedure to follow. Metals also need some time to absorb oil and lubricants applied to them, to give out the efficiency they are supposed to give. Leaving the parts alone for some time is the step that you cannot ignore.

Step(6)-Reassembling the Parts –At last you need to reassemble the parts as they were earlier. But you still cannot rush into it as you may get confuse on the positioning of the parts and in that process, you may damage some of the parts that were sensitive. You will not want to ruin the procedure at the very end of it. Using the manual provided by the manufacturer is really wise advice to follow up on as they cover up the correct path to follow to reassemble the fishing reel. You can also take into guidance the manual while deciding on how each part of the fishing reel needs to be handled and cleaned.


So here you are at the end of this article. I hope you would have found, what you were looking for all this time,an easy to digest step to how to clean and oil a spinning reel guide, which just not makes you understand what you need to do but also why your are doing so, what precautions you need to take and how you can make your old fishing reel look like a brand new one by giving it a quick bath and moisturizing.

A pro fishing enthusiast not only has some skills and patience in hand but also has a fair knowledge of how to take care of their assets, in this case, a fishing reel. And now you have that knowledge in you, so what you are waiting for now. Start taking care of the fishing reel from today itself , and you don’t really need to wash it every day, just after every trip will more than enough.

Alright!Its time for me to go now and check how my fishing tackle is doing .But you do not forget to tell me in the comments your take on this step to step fishing reel cleaning guide and any other quick tip which you think should be added.I would love to hear your thoughts.

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